Who Wears The Pants?


Who Wears The Pants?

by Neo Legodi


Many mistakes committed before, during and after a relationship can be avoided. That’s if the roles and responsibilities are clearly defined, visible and realistic. In a relationship, you align, malign or marginalize your better half. Who should align whom? Who Wears the Pants?

A husband’s role used to be crystal clear in the age when a woman’s role was limited to laundry, cooking, taking care of the children, and pleasuring her husband at night. However, the 21st-century woman protects and provides for her family. Who Wears the Pants now?

If a woman is working hard to keep her family together and the marriage thriving, while her husband is doing the opposite, Who Wears the Pants?

Those married – did you really know what you are signing up for? To the singles – know what you are signing up for before walking down the aisle.

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Author: Neo Legodi

Dimensions: 148 x 210 mm
Page Count: 189 pages
Language: English

Publisher: Zion Publications