Rebuilding From Within


Rebuilding From Within

by Teddy Mncedisi Boyi


“Rebuilding From Within: The Journey Of A Restored Man” is a tribute to the human capacity for change and growth, a roadmap for those seeking renewal, and an affirmation that no matter how broken we may feel, we possess the innate ability to rebuild, restore, and emerge from the crucible of life stronger and more whole than ever before.

So, dear reader, as you turn the pages of this book, may you find inspiration, solace, and the profound belief that, within you, there lies the potential for a journey of restoration that can reshape the course of your life. May God Almighty meet you at the point of your need, and at the point of your declaration. Enjoy the journey with me…

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Author: Teddy Mncedisi Boyi

Dimensions: 148 x 210 mm
Language: English

Publisher: Zion Publications