Print On Demand (POD)



  • Save on printing costs – no stock prints are required!
  • Your book is printed ONLY when a customer orders.
  • Book can be continuously ordered after registered – Never “Out Of Stock”.
  • Registration is once off (per Book Title).
  • You determine how much profit you want to make or you can decide the price you want to sell your book at (ZAR / Rands).
  • Your own Author's Profilei.e.
  • QR Barcode linked to your Profile. Customers can scan the barcode with their phones to purchase your book directly.
  • Optional extra: business cards available with your name, details and QR Barcode (extra cost).


How It Works:


To Apply, please fill in the Form below:

(Please submit separate applications if applying for more than one book title)

  • Book Details

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    Great! Then we will get the artwork and other necessary information for your book from Zion Publications.

    No problem! We will get the artwork from you, in email, after registration.

    *About The Book

    Please send us a short write-up telling customers what your book is about.

    *Book Categories

    Choose a maximum of 3 categories that your book would fit into.

    Book Prints

    This is the information we need for when your book is printed, which is ONLY when a customer orders your book. Please note: Your book must have already been published to meet the below requirements (ie. Size of book print selected, etc).

    *Print Specifications to Use

    We will use the print specifications from your publication with Zion Publications.

    *Book Size
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    *Content Pages

    Author Profile Details

    This is the information that will be displayed on your Author's Profile at The Bookstore.

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    About The Author

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    Profits & Payments

    *Preferred Profit / Selling Price

    Approximately how much profit would you like to make per book sold, or how much would you like to sell your book for? Finalization of your book selling price will be discussed with you before your book is loaded as "in stock" for sale.

    Bank Card / Banking Details

    We do not collect any bank card / banking details online. We will contact you directly to collect this information, which will then be used for your profit payments.

    *Terms & Conditions

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