Kelechi Ifekoya

About The Author

Dr Kelechi Ifekoya is an intercessor, an educator, a facilitator, an assessor, a moderator, an entrepreneur and a researcher. She is the Founder of the Restored Woman. She is a board member of the Transformed Family South Africa. She has passion to impact orphans, underprivileged children and widows.

Dr Ifekoya is the award winner of 2014 Best PhD novice researcher and best PhD abstract during Research Indaba in University of Pretoria, South Africa.

Dr Ifekoya’s books are ‘Unlocking Doors: Power of the bended knee’ and ‘Prayer: The Heartbeat of God’. She co-authored a book with her husband Stephen ‘Twenty-Three Years Unpacked’.

She has been pastoring with her husband since 1997. She is married to Pastor Stephen Ifekoya and they have three children Esther, Praise and Peace.

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