Enricoh Alfonzo

About The Author

Enricoh Alfonzo is a writer and storyteller at his core. Words have become more than just text, they have become a platform of creation. His debut novel, The Cured: Rebirth is inspired by and dedicated to his late grandmother, Ruby Naidoo, who has become an anchored lighthouse beacon for him during his journey of healing with mental illness. He lives with his cat daughter, Laci, an angel of powdered snow and loves to spend his free time gaming with her curled up in his lap. Following his experience with cancer, this book serves as a form of wish-fulfillment. Alfonzo has created a fictional world in which cancer can be cured, and explores what such a world would look like.

As a content creator, with over 5 million views, he enjoys spending time online, connecting and forming relationships with people across the world.

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